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My dedication to art is absolute.
I can offer SOLUTIONS that fit any of the CREATIVE WORLD players. From project, to production.


Architecture Firms and Interior Designers

I enjoy collaborating with firms on indoor or outdoor interventions. I think architecture and sculpture are very closely related and when a project stands on both, great things happen.
Like "FOLD", which is currently under production and that will be revealed in early 2019, near downtown Milan.   


Design Collaborations

With high-end italian interior design firm "Officina della Scala" I craft METEORITE, an extremely exclusive table. Every base is a unique, one of a kind sculpture, produced entirely by hand in stainless steel and every top is tailor made by Antolini Italy, a world leader in marbles and stones.
The table has been featured at Scope Miami Art Basel and at Milan's "Salone del Mobile"


Corporate Art and Venues

Whether you are looking for a distinctive work of art for your venue or you need a temporary installation,
I make both. I project and produce large indoor or outdoor installation, for companies that want to show their interest in art, improve their image and the quality of the spaces for their co-workers or share art with the public, organizing an art venue from scratch in exclusive and historical places.  


Production and shared space for large projects

Within my workshop "STUDIO21" you can find a place where we produce your project, or a shared space, fully equipped, where you can produce your project by yourself. We can be the temporary head-quarter of a company that needs a workshop in the north of Italy, near Milan, to create installations for venues such as the "Salone del Mobile" or the "Biennale di Venezia".