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23x4x2.5 meters - Milan - Italy - 2018/2019
photos: Bart Herreman

“FOLD” is the highest sculpture in Milan.

It has been my most ambitious project until now.

“FOLD” sticks out from the missing corner of a completely renewed building and has been conceived to be the medium of a serie of layered meanings. Its organic shape contrasts decisively with the straight lines of architecture. It is nature emerging under the skin of the city. “FOLD” has been built layering 24km of steel rods with a diameter of 6mm. It is composed by more than 4000 layers, all worked and welded by hand. It is the patience of nature, of geological eras unfolding. But at the same time is the recording of the human work that can produce such a huge work, patiently. It is the concrete proof of our daily labour, that seems to slip through our fingers as we don't usually have a single project that can show us the progression of our activity through six months of work. “FOLD” now is that image.